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Suited Up

The warm night air blew in through the broken windows, carrying the distinct smell of baking asphalt that still lingered from the day, rustling the moth-eaten curtains gently. Now that the sun had set, things had cooled enough that Kurt didn’t feel the need to empty his canteen every ten minutes. This had been some kind of hotel room before the bombs fell – at least as far as he could figure. The high vantage point gave them a good view of the jagged cityscape beyond, along with the Legion camp that they had been watching for the last few days.

The room was filled with musty old furniture, but it had once been good furniture, and that was enough to make the joint more comfortable than any NCR barracks. It wasn’t quite the Lucky 38, but it was as nice a place as any to kill time.

Kurt leaned forward in his seat, tossing a hand of cards on the table.

“Read ‘em and weep, sister.”

His companion raised her own cards, fanning them out deftly to show him a straight flush. Kurt groaned as she reached over to collect all of his chips, the motion making her suit creak, the rubbery material shining like latex in the glow of their dusty lamp. Who knew where she had gotten the thing. It was pre-war tech – some kind of fancy stealth number that interfaced with Stealth Boys. Naomi didn’t talk much about her past – or say much at all, really – but he got the impression that she might have been running with the Brotherhood at one point or another. She wasn’t NCR – she was a merc that his commander had showered with caps to make sure the mission went off without a hitch. Kurt had protested at first, but after spending so much time together in the wasteland, it was hard to stay unfriendly.

“Gimme the sarsaparilla,” she said, beckoning with a gloved finger.

“Fine,” he grumbled, passing her the half-empty bottle of Sunset.

“Oh, don’t make that face,” she added as she snatched his shot glass. “I know how to share, you big baby.”

She peered across the table at him, her dark eyes hinting at some exotic pre-war ancestry, reaching up to brush away a strand of her silky hair that was glued to her forehead. She must get hot in that thing, or maybe it had some kind of cooling system – who knew.

He watched as she filled one of the dirty glasses, then slid it across the table towards him.

“This isn’t alcoholic, you know,” Kurt said as he lifted it to his lips.

“That’s because we ran out of the good stuff already,” she replied with a gesture to the empty whiskey bottle that had rolled away from their table.

“I think we need to make this more interesting,” Kurt said as he set down his glass.

“How interesting do you want it?” she replied sarcastically, nodding to the pile of chips on her side of the table.

He took another sip, letting his eyes linger on her suit pointedly, then gave her a shrug.

“Don’t think I haven’t caught you eyeing me when you thought I wasn’t looking,” she added, taking a draw from her own glass. “You know that my eyes are better than yours, Ranger boy.”

“You asked me how interesting I wanted it.”

“It’s gonna take more than one bottle of whiskey to make strip Poker sound like a good idea,” she chuckled. “Then again, you always lose, so there’s more risk of me copping an eyeful of your NCR-issue regulation shorts.”

“Is there anything else left to wager, other than shit we need, like food and ammo?”

She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair, the motion making her skin-tight suit squeak. It gripped her figure tighter than any glove Kurt would be comfortable wearing, clinging to her like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. Maybe it needed to be that tight to function – something about the tech – but it was a constant distraction. When she shouldered her rifle and observed the Legion camp in the ruins below through her scope, she always put her back to him, giving him ample opportunity to admire her figure. Her ass filled it out like she had been poured into it, even the little dimples in the small of her back and the cleft between her pert cheeks visible. She was almost more visible in that thing, the way that the light reflected off its glossy surface picking out the contours of her muscles, a lifetime of wasteland hardship sculpting her body into a thing of beauty.

“I almost feel like it’s the suit you’re attracted to more than me,” she joked, cocking an eyebrow at him. “I’m fucking right, aren’t I?” she added as she narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re into my suit!”

She rocked back in her chair, cackling at him, but Kurt didn’t waver. He swirled his drink around in his hand, waiting patiently for her to finish.

“I mean, it wouldn’t look nearly as good if it was on someone else,” he finally said with another shrug.

Her laughter petered out, morphing into a sultry smile, and she began to collect the cards on the table.

“Alright,” she said coyly, giving them a shuffle. “This suit isn’t coming off, but if you somehow manage to pull your first win of the night out of your ass, I’ll let you touch it.”

“Just touch it?” he asked, prompting another snicker from her.

“Did you have something else in mind?”

“Yeah, I could think of a few creative ideas,” he replied as she began to deal.

“As long as the suit stays on, you can do whatever you like,” she purred as she tossed him a few chips. “How about those odds?”

“I’m all-in,” he replied.

Invigorated by his new motivation, Kurt played like an Omerta had a revolver to his head. The dice were rolling in his favor, or maybe Naomi liked him a little more than she let on and was going easy on him. Either way, the chips were soon stacked on his side of the table, and one final hand was all it took to seal the deal.

“Two pair,” Naomi said, tossing her cards on the table.

“Straight,” Kurt said with a grin, waving his cards at her.

“See what you can do with a little motivation?” she cooed, crossing her long legs. He heard her thighs rub together, rubber on rubber making another audible creaking sound. “I’m a woman of my word,” she continued, spreading her arms. “The suit’s yours for the night. Just remember – this thing is worth more to me than your life, so don’t do anything that won’t wash off in the morning.”

“I got an idea,” he replied, rising from his seat. He was already hard, Naomi glancing at the bulge in his pants with a smirk.

“You hiding a big iron under there, or are you just happy to see me?”

He guided her over to an old couch and sat her down, his gaze lingering once more on the way that her shapely butt settled into the cushions, her hourglass waist creating a wonderful little crease in the material. Every time she moved, all of the soft parts of her voluptuous figure quivered subtly, her breasts wobbling enticingly within the confines of her suit.

She reached up and flipped the visor closed, sealing her helmet.

“This do it for you?” she asked, her voice now distorted by its speakers.

“Yeah,” he replied, his heart starting to race. He had spent days gawking at her suit, and if she was agreeing to this, it meant that she was into him enough to indulge him. He pulled up a chair and placed it across from her, starting to unzip his trousers, not even pausing to take off his boots before his pants and shorts were on the floor.

“My, aren’t we eager?” Naomi said with a sultry chuckle.

He sat down on the seat, resting his heels to either side of her wide hips, putting him in a reclined position. Naomi raised her boots off the floorboards when she realized what he had in mind, showing all the same poise and athleticism that she had demonstrated during combat, shuffling a little closer. She lay her feet on his chest, sandwiching his erection between her thighs, crossing her legs to grip his shaft more tightly. The suit was just as slick and smooth as it had looked, the shiny material encompassing his length, sliding against his skin. Even through the taut lining, he could feel her pillow-soft flesh yielding, firmer muscle greeting him when she tensed. Her stout thighs were inviting enough that he imagined resting his head in her lap, yet he got the impression that she could probably have choked him out with them.

“How long have you been fantasizing about doing this?” she asked, her distorted voice dripping with desire now.

“Every time you bend over by that window, I want to slide my cock between your cheeks,” he grunted as she gave him a teasing squeeze.

“Win some more Poker games, and I might just let you.”

She began to lift her butt into the air, keeping her legs tightly crossed, sliding that supple material up his length. The control that she exerted over her core was incredible, like some kind of gymnast or one of the women he’d seen spinning around poles in some of the strip’s seedier establishments, gripping it with only their legs. At her apex, she let herself drop back down, the cushion of her ass slapping against his thighs with an audible clap. The impact made her bounce, as though the doughy fat within her shining suit was just as rubbery and springy as its lining, her hips and thighs wobbling for a scant second or two before they settled.

Unable to resist, he reached down and gripped one of her thighs, testing the suit. To his surprise, it was far stretchier than it looked, which might explain how she remained so limber. His fingers delved up to the first joint, bulging flesh filling his hand when he squeezed, hard muscle resisting him as she flexed.

“How do you even get into this thing?” he muttered, wincing as she ground the crotch of her suit against his pulsing shaft. Was it his imagination, or could he feel the heat of her loins radiating through it?

“It’s a lot looser when I first put it on,” she replied, breathing a little harder now as her pace increased. “There’s a switch near the collar – sucks out all the air and makes it stick to me, like one of those vacuum-packed rations. Gotta be that way for the biometric sensors to get a good read.” “God damn,” he mumbled, another skillful shake of her hips snatching away his concentration.

“Wanna watch me put it on next time?” she asked, the tilt of her helmet enough to let him know that she was smiling beneath its visor.

“Hell yeah, I would...”

“This assignment just became a lot less boring. Now, let’s see how much of this suit you can paint, Ranger boy.”

Short story by Snekguy

Voiced by KumBomb

1080p Download MEGA


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